Q. when i touch her ear she would tilt her head and scream in pain.

Nov 27, 2022

she would walk to the side sometimes
what caused it so i can know what treatment she needs

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If she's tilting her head and she screams in utter rejection when you touch her ear, she may have an infection in her inner ear or her middle ear. The ear is an organ of hearing but also an organ of balance. In the inner ear, on the inside of the ear, there is a balancing organ. If there is inflammation around the ear or this organ, it may behave strangely, such as tilting its head. These problems can also occur when otitis media is exacerbated. Diagnosis and treatment are required. In cases of otitis media, antibiotic treatment may be helpful. Guinea pigs are animals that are very sensitive to her antibiotics, so we will need to evaluate her closely before prescribing her antibiotics. Please make an appointment with your veterinarian. Thank you.