i think she has a infected hot spot on her back

i noticed she was digging about two days ago and at first it was just a small spot on her back that i was rinsing with water to try and help keep it clean and tonight she’s just been acting like shes in so much pain and barley been moving around. i got some spray at walmart to help with itching or irritation. She’s been sleeping a lot more then usually and she’s just been very tired and barley wanting to get up.





Dr. Brown




Respiratory & Nose

Thank you for reaching out to us. First of all, a photo would be very helpful in this case. Did the hot spots occur all of a sudden? You need to put an e-collar on her first to prevent any further interaction. Continuous interaction would only exacerbate the situation. Unfortunately, if you do not see any prominent improvement with the OTCs, an appointment with a vet for a differential diagnosis is required in this case. Your vet is likely to carry out a skin scraping or biopsy test to first look out for any infections(parasitic, fungal, bacterial) before suspecting any other causes such as allergies. Once the cause is identified, relevant topical ointments or antibiotics are likely to be prescribed. Please make an appointment with a vet.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to come back to us!

Thank you.