Q. currently on dose 2 of uti medicine, cat still going to litterbox

Dec 4, 2022

he is going to the litter box but not as frequently, im not sure if he’s been using the bathroom because we have a 2nd cat and just put her away to see if it was her but there was A LOt of clumps in a litter box i had cleaned 4 hours prior. We initially went to the er with him yesterday and he got his first dose a meddcine last night and his second this morning, he will get his third at 6, but he is still frequenting the litterbox, should we be concerned?

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It is normal for a cat to continue using the litter box even while on medication for a urinary tract infection. It is important to continue giving your cat the medication as prescribed by your veterinarian and to follow any additional instructions they have given you. If you are concerned about your cat's symptoms or the effectiveness of the medication, it is best to contact your veterinarian for further advice. It is also a good idea to feed your cat a balanced and nutritious diet to help support their overall health and wellness.