Q. Wont move, eyes open, shaking, vommited

Dec 4, 2022

Woke up she was outside by the wall it’s raining so i called her in but she wouldn’t move at all went up to her with treats she wouldn’t move ended up having to pick her up and bring her inside and she still wont move she was drooling and she vomited when she was outside she’s shaking badly im not sure if it’s because she was in the rain

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It sounds like your dog may be experiencing some sort of illness or injury. It is important to take her to the veterinarian as soon as possible so that they can properly diagnose and treat her condition. In the meantime, try to keep her warm and comfortable, and make sure she has access to water. If she is able to drink on her own, that is a good sign, but if she is unable to do so, you may need to provide her with fluids through a syringe or other means. It is also important to monitor her breathing and heart rate, and to contact your veterinarian immediately if you notice any changes or if her condition worsens.