Thu, Mar 28, 2024

So recently we found Dave in our yard with no mom. We waited for a good bit to see if a mom would come back but of course, Dave was all alone. We brought him in and I’ve been taking care of him, bottle feeding him goat milk. Now, her is wheezing and it sounds like a whistle I guess. She can barely meow and I’m scared I’m gonna lose this baby. My aunt refuses to bring him to the vet because he is only around 1-3 weeks old. Ever time he meows, after the meow there’s like a.. swallowing sound after?

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Given Dave's young age and the fact that he was found without his mother, it's important to consider that he may not have received the antibodies that are typically passed on through the mother's first milk, called colostrum. This can leave kittens more susceptible to infections.

Wheezing in cats can range from minor inflammation of the airways caused by allergies to dust ingested to significant and sometimes life-threatening issues such as obstructions. Asthma, foreign item blockage (including hairballs), hairballs, stress, and respiratory infections are also typical causes. The reason of wheeze is believed to be related to lying down with lethargy. Please schedule a consultation with a veterinarian to get a differential diagnosis.

When bottle feeding, make sure he is in a natural, belly-down position to reduce the risk of aspiration. The milk should be warmed to body temperature, and the flow from the nipple should be slow enough that he can swallow easily without choking or milk coming out of his nose.

Keep him hydrated and maintain a consistent feeding schedule with the appropriate kitten formula.

Remember, young kittens are very vulnerable and can deteriorate quickly, so close monitoring of his condition is essential. Please understand that it's hard to estimate Dave's health based on his sound alone.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to come back to us! Thank you.