Sat, Jan 6, 2024

December 18th:
•Noticed Taz not going outside
•Could tell he wasn't feeling well

December 20th:
•Considerable loss of appetite
•Drinking water off of my fingers only
• Could barely go upstairs or
downstairs on his own
•Pain seemed to be around his ribcage.
I noticed him wincing when I picked
him up
December 21:
• Went to local vet
• Blood work was done
•Running a fever of 104°F
•Blood test showed lipase elevated in
• Didn't see anything else concerning
in lab results
• Diagnosis: Bacterial infection in the
intestines-- Most likely a result of eating something that was spoiled.
•Prescribed Albon 5ml per day
•Vet said he didn't need any other
•Said to feed him a bland diet for a few
•Sent him home with Science Diet
canned food

December 22:
•Started antibiotics
• He began drinking more water

December 25th:
•Nothing new or different to report
•Did not see him getting any better

December 28th (18 Days sick):
•I became worried about his lack of
•His health
still hasn't improved

December 29th:
•I noticed a rattle in Taz's breathing
•Congestion, Respiratory issues

January 2nd:
Took Taz back to veterinary clinic to see if they could keep him overnight and give IV fluids.

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Taz's continued lack of improvement, including persistent vomiting, lethargy, weight loss, and now respiratory symptoms like rattling breathing and congestion, indicates that his condition may be more complex or that there may be an additional underlying issue that has not yet been identified or resolved.

Until his symptoms improve, keep him hydrated as he is now and feed him soft foods like boiled chicken and rice.

Given the new respiratory symptoms and the lack of improvement over an extended period, it's crucial to seek further veterinary care. You made a very good choice to get to the hospital quickly for his breathing problems. Respiratory changes can indicate a secondary infection, possibly pneumonia, or another condition that may require different treatment, such as additional antibiotics or supportive care like oxygen therapy.

If he was examined at the hospital on January 2, the vet's diagnosis would be the most accurate.

In summary, Taz's condition appears to be multifaceted, with initial signs of gastrointestinal distress potentially complicated by a secondary respiratory issue. We recommend that you reassess Taz's condition to see if there is an underlying cause, and take him back to the vet to adjust his treatment plan.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to come back to us! Thank you.