Sun, Mar 17, 2024

She's been missing for 3 1/2 days I drove around till midnight last night and I found her She's walking very slow and I can usually rub lightly across her undercarriage but I have been kinda feeling around on her stomach and it's not uniform

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Dr. Sena

After being missing for several days, it's possible that she may have sustained an injury or is experiencing pain, which could be causing her to walk slowly. The lack of uniformity in her stomach could indicate swelling, which might be due to trauma, an internal issue, or even an infection.

Given that she's an 11-month-old female Manx cat, if she isn't spayed, another consideration could be a reproductive issue such as pyometra, which is a uterine infection, although this is less common in cats of her age. Additionally, her breed is known for spinal issues due to the tailless gene, which could also contribute to her symptoms.

For now, it's important to keep her in a safe, quiet, and comfortable environment to avoid any further stress. Ensure she has easy access to fresh water and food, and monitor her intake and output. If she's not eating or drinking, or if you notice any changes in her urination or defecation, that's a concern.

You should also check for any visible wounds, signs of pain when you touch her, or any changes in her behavior, such as hiding more than usual or vocalizing when touched. If she allows it, you can gently place a warm (not hot) compress on her abdomen to see if it provides any relief, but be cautious and stop if she shows any signs of discomfort.

If you notice any of the following additional symptoms, it's crucial to seek immediate veterinary care:

- Any difficulty breathing or changes in her breathing pattern.
- Pale or white gums, which could indicate shock or anemia.
- Vomiting, especially if it's repeated or if there's blood.
- Diarrhea, particularly if it's bloody or persistent.
- A distended abdomen that feels hard to the touch.

These symptoms could indicate a life-threatening emergency, and prompt veterinary attention is necessary. Remember, it's always better to be cautious with the health of your pet, especially after an incident like being missing for an extended period.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to come back to us! Thank you.