Sun, Mar 31, 2024

Fluff got into a cat fight about a week ago, he has had a swollen eye with discharge which has gone down a bit, he is not meowing, when he tries it’s barely there, and he’s suddenly shedding a lot. He’s also being very distant.

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Dr. Brunermer

Fluff's symptoms suggest he may have sustained an injury from the cat fight that is affecting his eye and possibly his throat, which could explain the change in his meowing. The swollen eye with discharge indicates a potential infection or trauma. The fact that the swelling has gone down a bit is a good sign, but the presence of discharge means there is still some inflammation or infection that needs to be addressed.

The change in behavior, such as being distant, and the excessive shedding could be due to stress or discomfort from the injury. Cats often isolate themselves and may alter their grooming habits when they're not feeling well.

For the eye, you can gently clean the area with a warm, damp cloth to remove any discharge. Be sure to do this carefully and avoid touching the eye directly. If the eye continues to have discharge or if the swelling does not continue to improve, it's important to seek professional care as he may need antibiotics or other medication to treat an infection or injury.

His voice change could be due to trauma to the throat or vocal cords from the fight, or it could be related to stress. Ensure Fluff has a quiet, comfortable space to rest, and try to minimize stress in his environment.

Regarding his shedding, ensure that Fluff is on a balanced diet and consider adding omega fatty acids, which can sometimes help with skin and coat health. However, if the shedding is excessive and accompanied by skin irritation or bald patches, this could indicate a skin infection or other issues that would require professional attention.

Keep an eye on Fluff for any signs of worsening, such as increased swelling, the eye becoming more red or painful, a complete lack of vocalization, difficulty breathing, refusal to eat or drink, or any other drastic changes in behavior. If any of these occur, it would be necessary to seek immediate veterinary care.

Remember to keep Fluff indoors to prevent further fights and potential injuries. Also, ensure that his flea and tick preventatives are up to date to avoid any additional health concerns that can arise from parasites.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to come back to us! Thank you.