Mon, Mar 11, 2024

On Sunday afternoon, I picked River up from the dogtopia boarding facility. She was there for one week. Sunday evening after picking her up she was constantly sneezing and this went on through the night and continues today. I think the sneezing is similar to the last time she was boarded when she developed a cough, a hack, after boarding. I’m hoping you can offer assistance. 

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The fact that she has developed a cough after boarding previously and is now sneezing consistently suggests that she may have been exposed to the pathogens that cause this condition, such as Bordetella bronchiseptica, canine adenovirus, or canine parainfluenza virus.

In the meantime, ensure River is in a well-ventilated environment and try to limit her exercise to prevent exacerbation of the coughing or sneezing. A humidifier in the room where she spends most of her time can also help soothe her respiratory tract. Make sure she has access to fresh water at all times to keep her hydrated, as this can help with the recovery process.

If she is eating and drinking normally and is otherwise acting like her usual self, you can monitor her at home for a few days. However, if she develops additional symptoms such as a loss of appetite, lethargy, a fever, or if the sneezing becomes more severe and is accompanied by nasal discharge, it would be wise to seek immediate veterinary care.

Also, keep an eye out for difficulty breathing or a bluish tinge to the gums, as these are signs of a more urgent situation requiring immediate veterinary attention.

Maintaining good hygiene and ensuring that River is up to date with her vaccinations can help prevent future occurrences. While kennel cough vaccines do not cover all strains, they can help reduce the severity and duration of symptoms if she does get infected.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to come back to us! Thank you.