Wed, Dec 27, 2023


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The causes of bloody or black diarrhea can range from infections (bacterial, viral, or parasitic), inflammatory conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, or even more serious conditions such as tumors or coagulation disorders. Given that the diarrhea has been occurring weekly, it's a chronic condition that warrants further investigation.

At home, it's crucial to ensure your dog stays hydrated. Diarrhea can lead to significant fluid loss, so providing fresh water at all times is essential. Monitor your dog's overall behavior, noting any lethargy, loss of appetite, or additional symptoms that may develop.

It's also important to consider dietary indiscretions. Dogs that have access to garbage or spoiled foods may develop gastroenteritis, which can cause bloody diarrhea. If this could be the case, removing any potential sources of spoiled food is necessary.

Without current medications or known medical conditions, it's difficult to pinpoint the exact cause without diagnostic tests. However, you can prepare for a veterinary visit by collecting a fresh stool sample for analysis and making a list of any changes in your dog's diet, environment, or behavior that you've noticed.