Mon, Mar 25, 2024

He vomited 4 times total today no appetite at all vomit is white and foamy and minimal. Past week very light eye discharge. 4 puppies total only one other puppy showing minor symotoms

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The white and foamy vomit could suggest that the stomach is empty, and the foam is a mix of stomach acid and saliva. The lack of appetite and vomiting could be due to gastrointestinal upset, which can be caused by a variety of factors including dietary indiscretion, ingestion of foreign objects, or infectious agents like viruses or bacteria.

Given that another puppy is showing minor symptoms, it's possible that there could be an infectious component to their illness, especially if they haven't been vaccinated yet. If his cause is a parvovirus, it can be very deadly. Since we don't know his exact cause, it would be safe to isolate him from other puppies, just in case.

Ensure that the puppy stays hydrated. Offer small amounts of water frequently, as vomiting can lead to dehydration. Withhold food for 12-24 hours to allow the gastrointestinal tract to rest. After this period, offer a bland diet in small, frequent meals. A bland diet can consist of boiled chicken and rice, which is gentle on the stomach.

It's important to monitor for additional symptoms that could indicate a more serious condition and would require immediate veterinary attention. These include:

- Persistent vomiting or an increase in the frequency of vomiting.
- The presence of blood in the vomit or stool.
- Severe lethargy or unresponsiveness.
- A bloated or painful abdomen.
- Severe diarrhea, especially if it's watery or bloody.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to come back to us! Thank you.