Q. Whining when rope left shoulder area is touched and shivering

Dec 12, 2022

About 4/5 months ago she jump out of the screen porch landed on the left shoulder head neck area .There’s been no recent injuries she has been fine until this am when we noticed she walking and kind of whimpering the shivering has subsided but I’m nervous for her
Should I make a vet appt?

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Unfortunately, it is currently impossible to diagnose what is wrong with her based on her symptoms alone. If she has recently fallen from a height and has bruises on her shoulder or neck, this could also be the cause. But since the incident she fell from a height for is not recent, I don't think that's the cause of the issue now. However, it may be that what was causing the problem at the time is now causing the pain. I recommend that you visit a veterinary clinic for an accurate diagnosis. It's because it's difficult to tell how sick she is right now and where and what problems have arisen based on text alone. A veterinarian at the hospital needs to examine her body. thank you.