Q. Whining too much

Dec 6, 2022

He likes to whine excessively. I feel like we do everything we can to entertain him, but when he has nothing better to be doing he will just whine and bark at us.

Two things to note: he has fleas and is very itchy. We have attempted to treat it but both baths using flea shampoo and frontline didn't help that much.
He is a rescue. Maybe he has some sort of anxiety.
Why is this happening? What should we do to help?

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Dr. Sena

Hello, first of all, I'm sorry for the late reply. Your dog may feel scared when fall off due to trauma as a child, or feel anxious Prawn to be alone. If your dog feels a lot of stress from these things, your dog can show symptoms of whining. In this case, it is good to apply products that can relieve stress and makes your dog calm down.

Sentry Calming collar, Adaptic Calm home diffuser, Zylkene, and Bach products are effective in relieving stress in dogs
I recommend Sentry calm collar, Adaptic calm home diffuser and Bach first
Leave adaptic calm home diffuser on at home on a daily basis ,and if your dog still has severe symptoms, feed Bach twice a day.
If you want immediate effect of your dog, you can use Calmax products,
If the symptoms worsen even after applying the above method, recommended that you consult a veterinarian.