Fri, Mar 22, 2024

I can't tell if her leg is broke or just hurt.

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Dr. Brown

First, inspect her painful area. Check her joints and bones If her joints are swollen and hot, it can be a ligament injury or a fracture. In this case, you should visit a nearby vet for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

If there is no abnormality in the range of joint movement of your pet, and there is no doubt of a fracture, it may be a simple sprain.

For the first two to three days, massage the area with an ice pack, and if the symptoms improve, massage the joints or muscles with a warm towel afterward.

Also, press down on your pet's waist with a little pressure. If your pet feels a strain or pain, it may be a disk hernia problem.

However, be very cautious when touching the leg to avoid causing further pain or injury.

In the meantime, restrict her activity to prevent further injury. Create a comfortable and confined space for her to rest, away from any hazards or other pets that might cause her to move too much.

If you notice any of the following additional symptoms, it would be necessary to seek immediate veterinary care: if the leg appears to be swollen and is hot to the touch, if there's a wound or bleeding, if she's crying out in pain, or if she becomes lethargic, refuses to eat, or shows signs of shock.

Remember, young puppies like yours have delicate bones that are still developing, and what might be a minor injury in an adult dog can be more serious in a puppy. Therefore, it's important to handle her gently and provide a safe environment for her to recover.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to come back to us! Thank you.