Wed, Jan 24, 2024

not eating help

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Dr. Brown

The lack of appetite could be directly related to the skin condition. Skin problems can cause discomfort and stress, which may lead to a decreased interest in food. Additionally, if the skin condition is itchy or painful, it could be distracting enough to cause your dog to neglect eating.
Firstly, ensure that the environment is calm and stress-free when offering food. Sometimes, changing the feeding area can help. Also, try warming the food slightly to enhance its smell and make it more appealing. Offering a variety of foods, including wet food or a bland diet such as boiled chicken and rice, can sometimes entice a dog to eat.
Keep monitoring your dog's skin closely. If the scabbing is not improving with the Animax ointment, or if it seems to be getting worse, this could be a sign of a deeper skin infection or an allergic reaction. In such cases, the discomfort could be contributing to the loss of appetite.