Fri, May 31, 2024
Excessive discharge

Zero's leg is not normal

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It sounds like your cat Zero is experiencing some issues with her ear, specifically excessive discharge that has been present for a period of three days but is no longer ongoing. Ear discharge in cats can be caused by several factors, including ear infections (bacterial or fungal), ear mites, allergies, foreign bodies, or polyps.

Given that the excessive discharge has ceased, it's possible that the initial cause of irritation may have resolved. However, it's important to ensure that the ear is clean and to monitor for any recurrence of symptoms. You can gently clean Zero's outer ear with a damp cloth, but avoid inserting anything into the ear canal, as this could cause injury.

If the discharge returns or you notice other symptoms such as redness, swelling, a foul odor, or if Zero is scratching her ear or shaking her head, these could be signs of an ongoing ear problem that requires further attention. Additionally, if Zero's behavior changes, such as becoming less active, not eating, or showing signs of pain, these are also reasons to seek further care.

For ear health maintenance, you can help prevent issues by keeping Zero's ears clean and dry, especially if she's prone to ear problems. Check her ears regularly for any signs of abnormality. If she has long hair, keeping the hair around the ears trimmed can also help prevent ear issues.

In the case of her leg not being normal, if Zero is showing signs of limping, not using the leg, or if there is visible swelling or injury, these are concerning signs. If she is unable to bear weight on the leg, is vocalizing in pain, or if there is a wound or bleeding, these are urgent situations that require immediate attention.

Remember, ear issues can sometimes be related to other health problems, so it's important to keep an overall eye on Zero's health and behavior. If any of the concerning signs mentioned above are observed, or if there's a recurrence of the ear discharge, it would be wise to have her evaluated to ensure there isn't a more serious underlying issue.

Maintaining a regular preventative care routine, including flea and tick prevention and vaccinations, is also important for Zero's overall health. While I understand she's not currently on any preventatives or vaccines, discussing a schedule for these with a professional can be beneficial for her long-term well-being.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to come back to us! Thank you.