Wed, May 22, 2024
Stinky breath

About 6-8 months ago I noticed a growth on Deja's abdomen. For a long time it looked like an extra nipple. About three months ago it began rapidly growing and now is comparable to a water balloon the size of my palm. It doesn't seem to be causing her pain, but it is getting heavier.

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The growth you've described on Deja's abdomen that has increased in size to that of a palm-sized water balloon is concerning. Such growths can have various causes, including benign lipomas, which are fatty tumors, or more serious conditions like mast cell tumors or other forms of cancer. The rapid growth of the mass is particularly worrisome and warrants immediate attention.

Given the size and growth rate of the mass, it's important to have it evaluated. A veterinarian would typically perform a fine needle aspirate or a biopsy to determine the nature of the growth. This involves collecting cells or a small tissue sample from the mass and examining it under a microscope.

In the meantime, ensure that Deja is comfortable. Avoid any rough play or pressure on the area where the growth is located to prevent discomfort or potential rupture of the mass. Keep her living area clean and bedding soft to minimize any irritation to the growth.

Regarding Deja's stinky breath, this could be indicative of dental disease, which is common in older dogs and can contribute to other health issues if left untreated. Regular dental care, including brushing Deja's teeth with canine toothpaste and providing dental chews, can help improve her oral hygiene.

Obesity can exacerbate many health issues, including the strain on the skin where the growth is located. Implementing a weight management plan with a balanced diet and regular exercise can improve her overall health and may help with her current condition.

Be vigilant for any changes in the mass, such as sudden increase in size, bleeding, or signs of infection like redness, heat, or discharge. Additionally, if Deja shows signs of discomfort, lethargy, loss of appetite, difficulty breathing, or changes in behavior, these could be signs that the mass is affecting her well-being, and she should be seen by a professional immediately.

It's crucial to maintain Deja's routine vaccinations and flea and tick preventatives to protect her from other health complications that could further complicate her condition.

Remember, while these are general guidelines to help maintain Deja's comfort and health, the priority is to have the growth professionally evaluated as soon as possible. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to come back to us! Thank you.