We took her to the vet and she tested positive for ringworm

How long is she considered to be contagious to both humans and other cats after starting antibiotics





Dr. Deliman


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Thank you for using our service. Ringworm is a type of fungal infection that can affect cats, dogs, and humans. It is contagious and can be spread through direct contact with infected animals or contaminated objects such as bedding or grooming tools.

If your cat has been diagnosed with ringworm and is receiving treatment with antibiotics, she will likely be considered contagious for at least 2-4 weeks after starting treatment. However, the length of time that your cat is contagious may depend on the severity of the infection and how well she responds to treatment. It is important to follow the treatment plan recommended by your veterinarian and to take steps to prevent the spread of infection to other animals and humans.

In the meantime, it is important to keep your cat isolated from other animals, practice good hygiene, and clean and disinfect any surfaces or objects that may have come into contact with the infection. You should also avoid direct contact with your cat as much as possible, especially if you have a compromised immune system or are pregnant.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to come back to us! Thank you.

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