Today around 4:30pm my dog was in the car and she puked some yellow foam twice, she usually never pukes during car rides, once home she wouldn’t eat anything, but didn’t puke again, around 9:30pm we got her to eat some Vienna sausages (only thing she would eat, she normally only gets dog food Or chicken) and a dog treat, she did fine, but around 5am until 7am, she dry heaved 4 times & puked a white foam 3 times.





Dr. Deliman




Common Problems

We appreciate you reaching out to us. Vomiting has a huge number of causes. And depending on the cause, treatment or treatment will vary slightly. If your pet shows only simple vomiting, it is likely that your pet will recover on its own. Vomiting is common in pets. Vomiting that lasts more than 3 days is most likely something is wrong with your pet. Diseases, metabolic disorders, digestive system disorders, drug side effects, altered food intake, infections, etc. may be suspected.
Yellow vomiting is bile and can be a sign of liver disease, but it often occurs with an empty stomach.
Make sure to drink plenty of water and fast for 24 hours. After fasting, give the feed little by little. Persistent and severe vomiting after fasting has a poor prognosis. In this case, it is best to visit a veterinarian. If the vomiting shows relief and no other symptoms, your pet may be able to recover on its own.
If you have any further questions please ask us. Thank you.