Won't eat out the bottle. Inside of her mouth is cold. We are getting ready to try sugar water but other than that she's unresponsive and is not eating
What are causes & treatment?





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Common Problems

Skin & Ear

Hello, First of all, I am sorry for the late reply.
Your dog's symptoms can be caused by hypoglycemia or hypothermia. You must keep your body temperature warm first. Please use a dryer to raise your dog's temperature.
Please weigh your puppy. This can be a problem if the weight of the puppy is decreasing every day when measured.

If the weight is decreasing, you should provide milk powder more often.

You should supply 20–30 ml of powdered milk once every 3 hours, and you should also induce bowel movements.

To induce defecation, rub the wipes against your puppy’s anus a few times. If the puppy has bowel movements or urine, you're doing well. You also need to do it once every 3 hours to supply powdered milk for bowel movements.

If your puppy has diarrhea or vomiting, please visit the animal hospital.