Q. The shih tzu keeps biting her paw.she also has a small bump

Dec 11, 2022

Will not stop biting it. She has a small black bump on the paw.
Besides putting a cone on, what can I give her to stop?

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Dr. Miller

Hello. Thank you for contacting our service.
I saw the picture you attached. The skin between her toes looks red. These symptoms may be caused by dermatitis. Causes include fungi, bacteria, yeast, and allergies. An examination is needed to determine the cause. Dermatitis causes pain or itching. Dogs that are in pain or itching will bite or lick the affected area. This may have made the dermatitis worse. It is recommended to visit a veterinary hospital for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. It is recommended to dehair her paws and apply ointment. Wearing a cone can prevent deterioration, but this method alone cannot cure it. thank you.