Q. Tail injury (possibly necrotic)

Nov 28, 2022

he had a tail injury and I just am worried it’s serious and needs attention from a vet
Is it necrotic? and if so can it be treated from home

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Dr. Miller

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I saw the video you attached. I can see a wound in the middle of your tegu's tail. It is assumed that the abnormality itself is not a serious injury. My only concern is that the tip of his tail is pretty dry. I'm not sure because I can't touch it myself, but it may be the beginning of necrosis. First, spray an antibacterial solution on his wound. This keeps the infection from spreading. If the tip of his tail is already damaged and necrotic is in progress, amputating the necrotic tip may be a better option for him. You should take him to the vet if the tip of his tail gets darker or looks lifeless with dryness. thank you.