Sneezing and congested

She just break really heavy while she lay down and she snores so loud
What are causes & treatment?



American Pit Bull Terriers


Dr. Brown




Respiratory & Nose

Thank you for reaching out to us. First of all, palpate her throat and check inside her mouth with a phone torch to see whether there are any foreign objects. If nothing is found, a respiratory infection such as kennel cough is suspected. Persistent dry coughs, goose-honking sounds, gagging, and reverse sneezing are all typical symptoms found in kennel cough infections. Although some mild infections are self-limiting, some severe and lasting cases require medical intervention. Till the vet visit, hydrate her well and use a humidifier if possible. Also, put her in a steam bath multiple times(you can just leave her on the side when you take a hot shower or bath; she just needs the steam).

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to come back to us!

Thank you.