She is still drinking water but her gums and belly are ylellow

She is still drinking water but her stomach hurts ands and her gums are turning yellow
What are causes & treatment?



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Thank you for connecting with us. First of all, a photo would be very helpful in this case. Did she have any liver problems in the past? Although a confirmative diagnosis can only be made at the clinic, jaundice can be suspected by your descriptions. Jaundice is basically the accumulation of bilirubin in the blood and tissues. It is easily displayed in gums and eyes in yellowish-brown color. Jaundice can be caused by liver disease, obstruction of the bile duct, and destruction of RBC. You should make an appointment with a vet for a differential diagnosis ASAP as if the diagnosis turns out to be jaundice, it is an urgent matter. In the clinic, your vet is likely to carry out bloodwork and urinalysis to first look out for any abnormalities. Please make an appointment with a vet.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to come back to us!

Thank you.