She is having spasms & not moving normal

She Ate a little bit and drank but then she started having immobility and keeps falling to side & she’s having twitching or spasms and her eyes are normal but then wide open sometimes like a twitch



Pembroke Welsh Corgi


Dr. Sena



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Hello, First of all, I am sorry for the late reply.
Considering your dog's age, hypoglycemia is the most common cause of these symptoms.
Calculate the amount of calories your dog needs
Grind the feed (30x(weight)+70)x2 kcal and feed it with a syringe. If you have probiotic products or nutritional supplements, it's better to grind them together. Every 10hours, you have to feed your dog. If the symptoms persist afterwards, it may be an infection of the Distemper virus, Parvo virus, Corona virus, innate PSS, or brain problems, so please consult a veterinarian.