Q. She hasn’t eaten in a while, about 2-3 weeks

Fri, Jul 8, 2022

She hadn’t ate in a while, She’s a baby corn snake, only about 3-4 months, she ate before she shed but it’s been about 2-3 weeks since then and she’s refusing to eat any mice I give her

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Dr. Windom

This is not a case that requires a visit to a vet clinic or the ER. However, you need to keep a close eye on it.
Corn snakes can refuse to eat by husbandry-related anorexia, brumation, pre-molt anorexia (not in your snake’s case), trouble shedding, etc. First of all, please check if your corn snake is suffering from anorexia due to its improper enclosure temperature. If other causes except for the disease are excluded, we need to make sure that she is refusing food by the disease, so please take her to the reptile veterinarian in this case.
Please do not hesitate to ask any further questions you may have. Thank you.