Refuse to sit or lay. Vomiting, diarrhea swaying and falls over

Masha (husky lab mix) suddenly started crying and I noticed that she wouldn’t sit or lay down for bed even if asked. Then I noticed her swaying when laying down and having trouble standing straight. She then threw up a large amount of food. Her belly looked bloated so I thought maybe she needed to go out. When I brought her out she peed fine but struggled a bit to poop and when she did it was soft and not a lot. She had a sudden burst of energy and began having zoomies for a few minutes. Seeming to be fine. But when we came back inside she was back to struggling to stand and crying. She won’t drink water. When she does lay down it’s for a few minutes and she stands suddenly to move around then lays down again and it’s repeated.
I want to know what could be wrong with her, how I can help her and if I would need to go to a vet to get her checked.





Dr. Deliman




Common Problems

Thank you for contacting us. Did your pet get all the vaccines? There’s a possibility of Parvo virus. If it’s a parvo virus, there’s nothing you can do at home. You should go to the vet.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! Thank you very much.