Pees his crate at night

Our dog can hold it all day while we are at work (over 8 hours). But he consistently pees the bedding in his crate at night. (No water before bed and we take him out before bedtime). Occasionally, he walks into the crate and pees immediately. Other times, it happens at some point overnight.

Other details: he takes 100 mg trazadone in the AM. He occasionally dribbles pee when we get home and he gets excited.

(No photo relevant to the issue so just a photo of the dog haha)
What are causes & treatment?





Dr. Sena



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Hello, first of all, I'm sorry for the late reply. Is there a reason why your dog is taking trazodone? If your dog has anxiety disorder or is stressed out by something, these symptoms can occur. In this case, it is good to apply products that can relieve stress and makes your dog calm down.

Sentry Calming collar, Adaptic Calm home diffuser, Zylkene, and Bach products are effective in relieving stress in dogs
I recommend Sentry calm collar, Adaptic calm home diffuser and Bach first
Leave adaptic calm home diffuser on at home on a daily basis ,and if your dog still has severe symptoms, feed Bach twice a day.
If you want immediate effect of your dog, you can use Calmax products,
If the symptoms worsen even after applying the above method, recommended that you consult a veterinarian.