Patches of hair starting to go away

Wondering what the problem is and how I can resolve this issue
What are causes & treatment?



American Pit Bull Terriers


Dr. Sena



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Skin & Ear

First of all, I am sorry for the late reply.

If your dog's skin has a coin-sized hair loss lesion and is swollen, it can be bacterial or fungal, or a skin disease caused by ticks or fleas. Please check if the lesion spreads. For these causes, you may need to go to a nearby animal hospital for an accurate diagnosis.

The way you can try it at home is to apply medicinal shampoo. After washing your dog with the shampoo you usually use, wash the area with a medicated shampoo (like malaseb or Dalsey cholorhexidine shampoo for 5–10 minutes. After washing your dog, apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment to the affected lesion (mupirocin). If your dog does not improve in the above way, you should visit a nearby animal hospital for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

It can be a symptom of ticks and fleas, so it is also helpful to provide external parasite medicine. (nexguard spectra)

If your dog's itch persists afterwards, it may be an atopy reaction due to environmental problems.
In this case, accurate diagnosis and treatment may be required at an animal hospital.