Panting shaking and restless

Is panting very heavily and shaking almost shivering will lay down for a bit then get up and move to random locations





Dr. Brown




Behavior Disorder


Hello, I looked over the question you sent.
However, please check and provide incomplete information about your dog's state.
Please observe your dog's condition more.
Your dog can be too hot, too hard (exhausted, sleep deprivation, immediately after exercise, etc.), lack moisture (lack of drinking water), or a condition of disease.
If your dog normally has a respiratory rate of more than 50 times per minute, your dog may also be suspected of an infectious disease.
Please make sure your dog is not hot. Please check your dog's respiratory rate, body temperature, appetite, and gait status. (It would be better if you could video your dog's condition.)
This can be a good clue for identifying diseases.
Please do not hesitate to ask any further questions you may have. Thank you.