Our dog was neutered 2 days ago. Now he has a hematoma.

Before we brought our pup home, the vet tech noticed the hematoma. It doubled in size during the ride home & subsequent 20 minutes. We took him back to the vet and they re-opened him up. They couldn't find the cause of the bleeder, just called it "unknown origin". We brought him home again later that evening. He spent the day at the vet office yesterday and we brought him home again yesterday evening. The vet did not order the proper sedative for us before we left yesterday, so we've struggled to keep our pup settled today. And he's been bleeding all day. Not a ton, but oozing enough that I have cleaned both his insides of his legs and his tail multiple times. The hematoma is slightly larger today than yesterday. Its larger than a baseball.
Should I take him back or to someone else? Is this amount of bleeding normal?



Golden Retriever


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Can you show me a picture of his hematoma for a more accurate examination? Is he wearing a hat called Elizabeth's collar? Did you let him not lick the testicles? According to your explanation, it is not a normal situation, and it seems that the situation needs the help of a veterinarian…