My pet ate a penny about an hour ago, no symptoms of anything.

She ate the penny and swallowed it. I am hoping she will pass the penny when she goes poop next but I just found out about zinc poisoning. We do not have a lot of money and cannot afford a vet visit so im trying to find anything to counteract poisoning.
What are causes & treatment?



German Shepherd Dog


Dr. Brown




Respiratory & Nose

Thank you for reaching out to us. First of all, most pets with zinc poisoning display a complex symptom of vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and loss of appetite. However, you should be more concered about foreign object obstruction. Foreign items do sometimes come out with the feces within 48 hours. However, we cannot guarantee the same scenario for her. You should consider visiting the vet immediately as time is critical in the treatment of foreign object ingestion. The foreign object often disrupts the blood supply to normal organs and tissues, causing irreparable damage. Also, depending on the type and size of the coin, a rupture in the digestive system is possible as well. An X-ray is required to locate the penny before any medical intervention can be carried out. Please consider visiting the ER as well.

We are preparing to provide emergency financial assistance, but we are unable to do so at this time. Because we understand how difficult it may be to finance pet care expenses at times, we gathered up with a handful of options that might help: - Nonprofit organizations. Many nonprofits and foundations give emergency aid to pets in critical need. A few examples are Angels for Animals, Pet Fund, Help a Pet, and the Face Foundation. Keep in mind that, although some nonprofits operate on a national level, others are more focused on a local area. - Low-cost or free clinics. There may be low-cost or free clinics in your local area that do spay/neuter surgery and offer care at a much cheaper cost. - Crowdfunding. With the rise of social media, numerous pet parents are using sites like Go Fund Me to fundraise veterinary bills, necessary surgeries, and more. There’s even a crowdfunding service called CoFund My Pet that allows you to raise funds that can be only used at vet clinics in the U.S. - Credit Lines. There are several credit providers that can help you finance pet care expenses. CareCredit and Scatchpay are two of the several. Dr.Tail always wishes the very best for you and your pet.