Q. My dog has this lump on her leg for a couple months and bleeding

Dec 4, 2022

She has had a lump on her leg for a couple months and my family hasn't been able to pay for the surgery she would need. It has a whole in the middle of where it is and just found her right now bleeding. We cleaned the wound and put bandages on the wound but I want her to not have this problem anymore

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Dr. Deliman

First of all, I’m sorry that I couldn’t answer your question quickly.

I think you may concern that the lump may be malignant cancer, a life-threatening problem. However, many different types of lumps can develop on pets for many reasons, and most of them pose no serious health risk to her. Common types of lumps on pets are lipoma (benign fatty tumor), cysts (growth of blocked oil grand), hematoma(raised bruise), abscesses (collection of pus), and cancerous tumors.
If you see fast growth, redness, swelling, pus, an opening, or if she feels pain, we recommend you make an appointment with your vet soon. Your vet will evaluate the lump with physical or pathological examinations and determine its type. Depending on the type, amount of her concern, expected lifespan, and potential health risk, your vet may perform surgical procedures to remove it, manage it with medications, and/or apply additional procedures such as radiation therapy to reduce its size. Sometimes, in the worst case, your vet may recommend hospice care if malignant cancer has complete metastasis. I hope this information is helpful for you.

And i hope the information below will help you.
We are preparing to provide emergency financial assistance, but we are unable to do so at this time. Because we understand how difficult it may be to finance pet care expenses at times, we gathered up with a handful of options that might help:
-Nonprofit organizations. Many nonprofits and foundations give emergency aid to pets in critical need. A few examples are Angels for Animals, Pet Fund, Help a Pet, and the Face Foundation. Keep in mind that, although some nonprofits operate on a national level, others are more focused on a local area.
- Low-cost or free clinics. There may be low-cost or free clinics in your local area that do spay/neuter surgery and offer care at a much cheaper cost.
- Crowdfunding. With the rise of social media, numerous pet parents are using sites like Go Fund Me to fundraise veterinary bills, necessary surgeries, and more. There’s even a crowdfunding service called CoFund My Pet that allows you to raise funds that can be only used at vet clinics in the U.S.
- Credit Lines. There are several credit providers that can help you finance pet care expenses. CareCredit and Scatchpay are two of the several.

Please let me know if your pet has any new symptoms or other questions. I apologize once more for the delayed response.