Q. Might be pregnant

Nov 27, 2022

She black with white on her chest with black freckles

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Dr. Deliman

Thank you for using our service. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing her pregnancy status from here. It’s possible she’s if her nipple grows larger than usual, she doesn’t menstruate, and she becomes sensitive. Even if you do decide to purchase a tester, you can do so for a reasonable price. However, you should see a veterinarian at least once to get a general idea of her overall health and her impending delivery. This is due to the fact that a clinical examination would not only confirm her pregnancy status but would also reveal her overall health and the number of pets if the pregnancy is positive. Whenever a mother pet gives birth, it is often confusing whether the mother pet has finished giving birth as most mother pets show intervals between pet births. Thus, visiting a hospital is strongly advised for the well-being of both the mother pet and the pets if she is pregnant.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to come back to us! Thank you.