Left eye seem not open as it was.

Scratching more than usual and eating fine very cuddle as usual
Need to now what's going on vets are not in my area or remotely close.we just got her for petshop a week ago





Dr. Choe




Common Problems

Thank you for your inquiry regarding your rat’s eye problem. The symptoms you mention are general signs of the eye problem but do not present specific diseases. Due to the limited information, I hesitate to give you advice. The best way to understand your rat’s eye is to check it with pictures. I know you already upload a picture. However, I cannot see her eye well under the red light. Also, the picture is blurry to check the eye. I wondered if you could upload your rat’s recent eye pictures more, including the cornea, the conjunctiva and the sclera (white part of the eye), and the gross features of both eyes. Then, I may be able to estimate the problem and provide you with feasible options. If you are not unable to upload pictures or cannot include the part of the eye I mentioned, I may not be able to help you anymore. In this case, I recommend you make an appointment with your vet to help your rat get an eye exam rather than stress her. You can meet a vet with telemedicine if there is no available vet in your area. Thank you.