Infection In nipple

Licking, scratching, biting, there is now pus coming from the nipple, she is safe guarding the area and doesn't want it touched,
Is there any way I can treat this at home, i plan to take her to the vet on Friday 30th. I'm very concerned about her infection and im very concerned about her food avoidance. Are both of the problems connected?





Dr. Sena



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Hello, first of all, I'm sorry for the late reply.
From the photo of the area, it seems that the infection has occurred. However, it is difficult to accurately diagnose the lesion because it is not visible properly. The behavior that your dog avoids can be caused by pain.
Make sure that your dog's wound is not infected with a secondary infection. Secondary infections are when the area is swollen, pus come out, and a lot of exudate comes out.
In this case, bacteria, fungi, etc. may have been secondaryly infected with the wound.
In this case, please visit the animal hospital for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

For primary wound lesions, wipe the area with sterile physiological saline, disinfect it with beta-dine disinfectant, and apply an ointment containing antibiotics (Mupirocin), repeat twice a day.
And consult with your vet on Friday 30th. Thank you