Q. Im just wondering if cats pee can infect a surgery wound?

Nov 29, 2022

So I just spayed my 1 year old cat today and she’s wearing off the anesthesia but I don’t want to let her outside her cage because she’s scared and keep bumping and hitting her jeans and falling though she just peed in her carrier and I was not sure if I should still just leave her inside there or take her out? Does the pee give her an infection ??
Is this issue normal or not?

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Urine can also cause infections. Once she has been neutered and has recovered from her anesthesia, you may release her from her cage. Just don't let her lick her surgical site. A cat's tongue can be very rough, which can lead to infection at the surgical site. Generally, a cone such as the Elizabethan collar is used. Also, carefully wipe the urine around the surgical site with a towel soaked in clean water. Cleanliness around the surgical site is important. thank you.