I think he has an ear infection but he's acting disoriented

Laying down right now





Dr. Deliman




Common Problems

We appreciate you reaching out to us. Ear infections are common in pets. As a result, a lot of pet owners are familiar with the signs of ear infections. The following are typical signs of ear infections:

Excessive ear scratching and itching
Shaking of the head, especially when it appears awkward or unnatural
Redness and swelling near the ear canal
Unusual odor and discharge
The skin in the ears may have scabs or crusts

I’m not sure how much of an infection your pet has, but it might be more of a problem than you realize. It is advised to visit the vet first if you determine it to be an infection based on the aforementioned symptoms. For the time being, proper use of ear sanitizers available online or in stores is also beneficial to your pet’s ear hygiene.

Your pet’s ear will be carefully cleaned to remove dirt, discharge, and ear wax after your veterinarian has assessed the type and severity of the ear infection your pet is experiencing. They might use topical treatment or clean the ears with a medicated cleanser.

The veterinarian might recommend oral antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs for your pet in more serious situations.

Please do not hesitate to ask any further questions you may have. Thank you.