Q. I gave my dog rfd liquid dewormer 8 days ago it did nothing

Nov 26, 2022

Rice looking segments all over my bed
The vet can't get my dog in for another month but he prescribed panacur c for dogs under 10 lbs is it safe to give her this medicine after just deworming her 8 days ago on rfd dewormer

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The main ingredient in RFD liquid repellent is pyrantel. It is an insecticide that works against parasites. If this drug does not work, other drugs are recommended. If her veterinarian has prescribed Panacur, you may give her Panacur. The active ingredient in Panacur is fenbendazole, which is another antiparasitic drug. Taking these two medications apart over a period of about 8 to 10 days usually doesn't cause problems. thank you.