I believe she has lip fold dermatitis but it’s gotten bad

So her right bottom lip is really swollen. And it’s has a stench her top tooth is has put a whole into the swollen area and it’s red





Dr. Brown




Respiratory & Nose

Thank you for reaching out to us. First of all, a photo would be very helpful in this case. I believe you are thinking she is suffering from intertrigo(skin fold dermatitis). Intertrigo is caused by frictional trauma. In other words, it occurs when skin and skin rub together. The diagnosis is usually first made by physical examination and supported by cytology results. Regarding treatment, management is usually carried out first. Drugs are prescribed first to deal with inflammation, microbial infection, and excessive moisture. In severe cases, of course, cheiloplasty is carried out. You should make an appointment with a vet ASAP as the longer you take, the more pain she is going to suffer from.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to come back to us!

Thank you.