Q. He has a round red hairless spot

Nov 27, 2022

Red spot it is unknown if he’s scratching

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Dr. Sena

First of all, I am sorry for the late reply.

If your cat has a coin-sized hair loss lesion and the area is swollen, red, or dandruff appears, it is likely to be a fungal skin lesion(ring worm). Usually, it can appear as if a young cat's immune system is decreasing. In this case, a diagnosis from an animal hospital may be necessary to differentiate from lesions caused by other bacterial dermatitis or external parasites such as ticks and fleas.

As a treatment you can do at home, you can apply medicinal shampoo.

Wash first with the shampoo your cat usually uses, and then add medical shampoo (like mallasep or Dalsey cholorhexidine shampoo)for 5–10 minutes. Do it twice a week, and applying advantage2, revolution can also help.(for treat ectoparasite)

If your cat does not improve in the above way, visit a nearby animal hospital for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.