He can't poop

He will cry out he will lay down I felt a big knot down below his private area
I have no way can a person come





Dr. Sena



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Hello, First of all, I am sorry for the late reply.

If your dog has not defecated for a long time and is blocking the large intestine, it needs an enema. You need to visit an animal hospital for your dog’s enema.

Prescription feed may be required to relieve constipation in your dog. Please provide food with high fiber content. Supplements containing psyllium husk can also help. Supplements such as Azodyl can also help your dog's constipation and kidney function.

Please increase the amount of drinking water for your dog, maintain the amount of drinking water at 40ml/kg, and if your dog doesn't drink it well, use a syringe to feed it little by little.

If the above method does not improve your dog’s symptoms, please visit the animal hospital for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.