Hard to explain

He's usually I energetic dog will meet you at the door and you know love pets whatever this morning however he wouldn't even move I had to bring them in the house he's maybe eight and drink a little but not like he usually does and he's done nothing but want to sleep urinated all over everything won't get up to pee I don't know what to do
Is this issue normal or not?





Dr. Sena



Common Problems

Skin & Ear

Hello, first of all, I'm sorry for the late reply.

It is difficult to tell you about a specific disease only with the symptoms of your dog.
First of all, the pain can lead to these symptoms. Please gently press down on your dog's entire body. Especially if your dog feels pain when you press the belly of your dog, or if your dog has a pain reaction, it can be caused by enteritis, pancreatitis, or foreign substances in the stomach. In this case, it is recommended that you visit the animal hospital for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Check if your dog's mucosal color is pale, bowel movements, and urine are all right.
What you can do at home is to grind your dog’s favorite food or canned food and feed it little by little(use syringe) At this time, if you have probiotics products, omega 3, nutritional supplements, etc., please grind them together and provide them. Also other supplements can help. Antinol, Hexia, can also help too.(if it is joint problem or arthritis)

If the symptoms continue afterwards, visit the animal hospital.