GG is experiencing excessive moisture in her eye with red growth!

Not showing any signs or irritation but it occurred so quick. We went to the mall came back and it was like this. We had someone watch her while we were gone who says she was just “crying” is this an infection or can this be cause by a strike to my dog???? Please help
What are causes & treatment?



French Bulldog


Dr. Choe




Common Problems

Thank you for connecting us regarding your dog's eye problem. I can see hemorrhage subconjunctival area, moderate conjunctivitis, and third eyelid inflammation. It could be due to external damage, blood coagulation issue, or other rare diseases. Injury from external stimuli could be more reasonable than other possibilities. I recommend you see a vet with your dog. Your vet will diagnose the problem by narrowing down the potential problems. Unfortunately, without a hands-on exam, I cannot determine the cause of the problem. Your vet will conduct an eye exam and evaluate the eye to determine whether there is any other damage to the eye or not. And then, your vet will provide you drops and medications for your dog. Thank you.