What's your take of oral poison for fleas v topical poison





Dr. Sena



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Skin & Ear

First of all, I am sorry for the late reply.

You are sure that your dog is infected with scabies or fleas and it is not severe, I recommend that you take care of it at home for a few days first, and if it does not improve, go to an animal hospital for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

The way you can try it at home is to apply medicinal shampoo. After washing your dog with the shampoo you usually use, wash the area with a medicated shampoo (like malaseb or Dalsey cholorhexidine shampoo) for 5–10 minutes. After washing your dog, apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment to the affected lesion (mupirocin). If your dog's condition does not improve as described above, you should take him to a nearby animal hospital for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. 

It can be a symptom of ticks, mange, or fleas, so it is also helpful to provide external parasite medicine. (nexguard spectra) And if your dog keeps scratching his skin because he can't stand the itch, it's also necessary to wear a neck collar.

Dogs have weaker skin barriers than people. However, dogs are covered by fur, so there is a high possibility that problems will not be easily found, so they need to be managed as a preventive measure.

I recommend some things for your healthy skin. First, brush your dog's hair well; bathe your dog once a week; keep your skin clean; and third, apply insecticide and preventive products on the back of your neck to prevent ticks; and fourth, feed your dog lactobacillus or omega 3. 
And it is necessary to keep the environment where you and your dog live clean, especially if you wash your dog's supplies regularly and use pesticides to dry and disinfect them in the sun.