Face is puffy and bulged out

Her dog has a large what appears to be an abscess on left side of his face beginning at the snout and ending at the back of the jawbone. He wasn’t eating anything during a four day period. He ate this morning not much but he ate. Looks it painful when he drinks or eats.
I want to know what treatments can be used to help and if I can deal with it without seeing a vet? She doesn’t have the money to pay for the visit.





Dr. Millden



Eye & Dental

Hello, first of all, I'm sorry for the late reply. The corresponding picture of your dog does not tell where the primary site of the lesion is. Please take a look at your dog's. If your dog's gums or teeth are inflamed, this may cause abscesses due to periodontitis or gingivitis to fill the sinus. Alternatively, the symptom may appear as swelling of the lymph nodes increases. In order to distinguish them, you need to visit an animal hospital. In addition, accurate treatment is required based on the degree of swelling.

If you are currently unable to take your dog to an animal hospital, first wipe your dog's mouth with sterile physiological saline and use an Oatene (Zymox) product. The product can be used for periodontitis, gingivitis, and ulcers in the mouth. If the symptoms do not improve within 3-5 days, be sure to consult a veterinarian.