Broke indented completely no movement tail and but bone

Really really week, yelphing, back legs cannot have pressure of any kind, unable to do anything he normally was doing daily and Can’t do anything other than go up and down pourch stairs and yelps as doing such activities I had a friend feed him a fish oil mox pill as too
He was hit by a car and stuck under you can tell because the major road rash





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Please understand that my answer may be wrong because there is not much accurate information about his condition, and his photo is not attached. If he has been involved in a recent car accident, it is very likely that he has a fracture of his pelvis or tailbone. Fractures of the femur or pelvis are mainly induced in dogs in car accidents. These fractures are very painful, weaken the dog, and make it difficult to even move. This is an issue that needs treatment. Surgery may be required for fractures. Make an appointment with your veterinarian. Reduction surgery for broken bones is required. thank you