Q. Blad patches on leg.

Nov 28, 2022

The spots are on the right front leg, and right back leg they seem like healthy patches so i have no clue whats wrong please help.

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Dr. Brown

Thank you for connecting with us. Thank you for the photos. Unfortunately, nothing can be fully assessed with just photos. An appointment with a vet for a differential diagnosis is required in this case. Your vet is likely to carry out a skin scraping or biopsy test to first look out for any infections(parasitic, fungal, bacterial) before suspecting any other causes such as allergies. Once the cause is identified, relevant topical ointments, medicated shampoos, or antibiotics are likely to be prescribed. Till then, you can put a cone on her to prevent any possible interaction with the bald spots. Continuous interaction would only exacerbate the situation. Please make an appointment with a vet for a differential diagnosis.

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Thank you.