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Biting and itching to the point where his scabbing/hair loss.

Dog has been biting and itching him self for 3 weeks we have bought antimicrobial gel and it helped a lot but recently stopped now this is his current state.
What are causes & treatment?





Dr. Deliman




Common Problems

First of all, put an e-collar on him to prevent further licking or scratching.
Also, make sure you apply the OTC ointment on the surface of the skin, not the hair. This is one of the common mistakes done by owners.

If the situation doesn’t improve even after the treatment, please make a visit to the vet.

If your dog has a itching, hair loss lesion and the area is swollen, red, or dandruff appears, it is likely to be a fungal skin lesion or bacterial infection or ectoparasite infection. Usually, it can appear as if a young dog’s immune system is declining. In this case, a diagnosis from an animal hospital may be necessary to differentiate from lesions caused by other bacterial dermatitis or external parasites such as ticks and fleas.

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Constant itching in dogs is often caused by allergies, infections(bacterial, fungal, bacterial), nutritional deficiency, and hormonal imbalances. An appointment with a vet is essential for a differential diagnosis before pinpointing the cause. Your vet will carry out either a skin scraping or biopsy test to rule out any infections first. If nothing is found, other causes are then suspected. Till you visit a vet, put an e-collar on him so that he doesn’t interact(scratch, bite, lick) with the itchy skin areas anymore as continuous interaction would only exacerbate the situation.

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