Q. Bite marks

Nov 28, 2022

i can’t tell if she was bit or if someone bit her
Should I make a vet appt?

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Dr. Brown

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Thank you for attaching the photo. Judging from the location of the wound, it seems a little less likely that your dog was bitten.
There is a rather high possibility of wounds caused by the bite of other dogs or animals.
If your dog’s wound is not large or deep, and there is no bleeding, you can treat it at home.
First of all, it allows your dog to take a comfortable posture so that breathing is not uncomfortable.
Disinfect the wound of your dog with povidone or alcohol.
Apply mupirocin or bacitracin ointment around the wound.
It keeps your dog from irritating your throat.
But even though your dog’s wound doesn’t look big in the picture, it will be deeper than we can see.
Dog’s teeth (or other animals’ teeth) are very big and long, so it may have caused damage to the deep part of your dog’s back.
In this case, it can cause inflammation, necrosis, ulcers, and infection around the wounded skin. It is recommended that you take your dog to an animal hospital for accurate examination and treatment.
If your dog shows symptoms such as severe swelling or exudation from the wound, proper treatment may be required.

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